[fpc-devel] Lazarus: A new widgest set

Michael Schnell mschnell at lumino.de
Mon Feb 18 15:35:10 CET 2008

> MSEifi is a system where MSEgui forms and Pascalscripts are transported over a 
> communication channel and run in a clientside "MSEgui" browser or browser 
> plugin. 
As in the end I in fact consider a "remote GUI" feature for the "non 
Gui" project I have in mind this might be a very interesting solution.
> For the server side we need equivalent event handling as at the GUI 
> clientside.
I understand that GUI-related and non GUI related (such as generated by 
TCP/IP socket, serial interface etc.) events are necessary to be 
handled. In LCL with the standard widgetsets  the non-GUI events are 
transformed into pseudo-GUI events and queued in the external event 
queue provided by the windowing system. As MSE seems to avoid this by 
handling the events internally, which of course is exactly what I want.
> IIRC I told you several times about MSEgui. :-)
I suppose I should take a decent look at MSEgui, which I did not do due 
to the "gui" part of the name ;).
>> Can MSEgui be integrated with Lazarus ? Could it be installed as another
>> widgetset 
> Not easy. Suggestion: use MSEide.
As in the end I and my colleagues will be porting a Delphi application, 
Lazarus is by far easier to use.

I suppose it should be possible to use the appropriate MSEgui units in a 
Lazarus project, which supposedly needs to be set up as a "program".

Nonetheless it would be nice to have a nonGUI widgetset set in Lazarus 
or be able to define an Application that in fact is a tnoguiapplication. 
Maybe it is possible to reuse some code form MSEgui to allow for a 
tnoguiapplication in Lazarus. Do you think it's possible to derive 
tnoguiapplication from tcustomapplication in Lazarus ?

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