[fpc-devel] Lazarus: A new widgest set

Martin Schreiber fpmse at bluewin.ch
Mon Feb 18 13:47:06 CET 2008

On Monday 18 February 2008 13.25:49 Michael Schnell wrote:
> > You probably know that MSEgui provides the possibility to build event
> > driven applications without window system? We use it in MSEifi for Linux
> > servers without X.
> Hmm. What I find in the Internet on MSEgui at the first sight seems in
> fact to focus on a GUI and not on a non-GUI as I am trying to accomplish.
MSEifi is a system where MSEgui forms and Pascalscripts are transported over a 
communication channel and run in a clientside "MSEgui" browser or browser 
plugin. For the server side we need equivalent event handling as at the GUI 

> So at the moment I don't see your point. Could you elaborate how you
> think that c an be done ?
tcustomapplication has two descendants, tapplication with a OS window system 
based eventqueue and tnoguiapplication with an internal event queue.
If you have no widgets in your application and no graphics in your system add 
msenogui to the uses clause, msegui otherwise.
MSEgui has many useful components and classes for non gui applications 
(example teventthread, tthreadcomp, tpipereader...).
IIRC I told you several times about MSEgui. :-)

> Can MSEgui be integrated with Lazarus ? Could it be installed as another
> widgetset ?
Not easy. Suggestion: use MSEide.


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