[fpc-devel] how to recompile & install only a section of the FCL

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Thu Dec 4 15:11:42 CET 2008

On 04 Dec 2008, at 15:06, Graeme Geldenhuys wrote:

> Can I somehow compile and install just the 'fcl-fpcunit' code?


make all
make install INSTALL_PREFIX=/opt/fpc_2.2.3

from the fcl-fpcunit directory.

> My FPC is currently checked out into /opt/fpc_2.2.3/src/  and I
> install it to /opt/fpc_2.2.3/
> Here is my usual build script.
> --------[ startbuild.sh  ]---------------------
> make clean
> make install INSTALL_PREFIX=/opt/fpc_2.2.3
> ------------------------------------

There should be a "make all" in between the clean and install (install  
does indeed normally compile stuff that isn't compiled yet, but it's  
not tested nor guaranteed to work).

> At the moment I simply skip the 'make clean' section, but that still
> means the whole FPC and bells and whistles get recompiled,

No, it only gets reinstalled (a few things do get recompiled due to  
hard-to-fix errors in the Makefiles, but most stuff is just copied  
without recompilation)


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