[fpc-devel] Beta Dos 2.2.0a downloadable

Pierre Free Pascal pierre at freepascal.org
Wed Oct 3 10:00:08 CEST 2007

> I will send an email when the files are ready.

  The beta testing files for Dos 2.2.0a
are downloadable from


Please report any problems encountered during installation or use
of this beta.

Pierre Muller

 Content of README file:

  This directory will be used to test the
modifications inserted to the 2.2.0 sources
in order to be able to generate a valid
Dos distribution.

  The sources are in the svn repository
under the branch fixes_2_2_0_dos.

  Due to some instabilities with the dos
executables created with default settings,
this test version was compiled with OPT set to 
"-gl -O- -dDEBUG", together with UPXPROG set to 
"echo". This leads to the generations of
programs that have debugging information included
(which are of course much bigger in size),
the setting of UPXPROG to "echo" prevents
copression by upx which would otherwise also lead
to the removal of debugging information.

  As indicated by the BETA subdirectory, this
is NOT a release, but just a test version,
that will be overwritten in case some problems
are detected and fixed while testing.

  Feedback on problems when trying to install
the beta distribution should go to fpc-devel 
mailing list.
  If you want to try to install this distribution
onto a Dos machine without LFN support, you should
try to download the files in shortsep subdirectory.
  If you want to install the beta distribution
on a system that supports LFN, please use the files
in separate subdirectory.

  A very helpful test would be to try to completely
rebuild the distribution from the sources provided.

  Try to unzip all sources, and launch a
'make build  OPT="-gl -O- -dDEBUG'
at source level.

Pierre Muller 2007/10/01

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