[fpc-devel] Beta Dos testers for 2.2.0a wanted

Pierre Free Pascal pierre at freepascal.org
Tue Oct 2 14:13:54 CEST 2007

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> Subject: Re: [fpc-devel] Beta Dos testers for 2.2.0a wanted
> Pierre Muller wrote:
> >   There are several reasons for this, but
> > I am started a small branch that tries to
> > get the minimal changes to get a usable Dos
> > release.
> Sounds great! My pre-releases (w/o no-LFN fix) are at
> <http://www.bttr-software.de/misc/fpc/>.
> >   The other more subtle problem seems to be related to
> > problems in the IDE while debugging when compiling with
> > optimizations set to -O2.
> Please explain these problems!

  It seems that the IDE compiled without special OPT setting
is not stable when you debug a program, but I did not have time 
to investigate this.

> >  Another problem was that the install.dat file,
> > used by the installer, was out of sync with the current
> > sources at release date. As this file is only used for
> I didn't noticed that before albeit I used the installer several times.
> What was wrong?
  It is only for some zip files that have a different name
in the install.dat files than the name of the file created
by 'make go32v2zip' for instance.
  It does not affect the required files.

> >   I uploaded to ftp.freepascal.org
> > under ftp://ftp.freepascal.org/pub/fpc/beta/2.2.0a/go32v2
> > separate zip files, with install.exe and install.dat
> > files.
> I get "Permission denied". :-(
  I tried to upload them to test myself
and realized that the change that I made in
the fpcmake was incorrect and led to wrong 
zip files (containing the wrong files or with the wrong directory

  This is explained in the README at beta/2.2.0a/go32v2 level.

  As soon as I get a correct upload, I will
reopen these directories.

> >   I would like to get feedback on the stability of the
> > IDE (especially while debugging executables).
> IIRC I got "internal error 291" (or 219) every time, when I set a
> breakpoint in a unit and started the main program.

  Using the IDE with debug info included, 
you should be able to get a backtrace in such cases.

> >   If people are willing to help, it would be great to have
> > persons that would try to do a complete rebuilding
> > of the beta dist of their Dos system. Beware that you will need
> > quite a lot of free disk space for that...
> I could to that.
Thanks, Robert!

I will send an email when the files are ready.


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