[fpc-devel] what fpc is good for?

Peter Popov ppopov at tamu.edu
Sun May 13 23:55:13 CEST 2007

>> developpers. On the other hand, say any stable fpc release should be  
>> able
>> to compile (on win32), without trouble the entire VCL of say, delphi  
>> 2-5.
> I don't see why that is a focus point. It's a nice testsuite, but until  
> it
> is free, there is no real benefit in it. Specially since the VCL-RTL
> separation is not complete, and neither is the compiler - RTL separation.

Yes, testsuite only.

> Yes. I assume that was the cdecl one? Since nearly any standard doesn't
> cover much details about external linking, and general link and calling
> conventions issues, I doubt a language standard would make this go away.
> THe other one was fixed.

For which I am thankful.

> I'd guess it is safe for fully static types, and not safe for types  
> allocating
> memory. So ansistrings and dynarrays, no.

It would be helpful if there is a clear statement how FPC processes open  
arrays at assembly level.

> Yes. The problem in this case is clear. Automated is deprecated and 
> rarely used functionality. (like e.g. dynamic methods).

Let me know if I can help in any way with automation RTTI compatibility?  
If this feature is implemented (just the RTTI, nothing further) I can  
release a small unit which implements remote method/properties calls over  
a TCP connection. Not exactly corba, but still useful.


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