[fpc-devel] what fpc is good for?

Mark Wood mark at timeandmotion.com.au
Sat May 12 15:47:36 CEST 2007

I agree with Graeme. There are professional developers out here who want 
a decent cross platform product and who don't like the 
C/++/#/Java/.net/etcetcetc because of various reasons. My own reasons 
are that I find C(like) languages to be semantically weak and 
encouraging of bad programmer behaviour. I don't have time for dealing 
with that sort of inefficiency, so I need a more professional option in 
a language. Pascal(etc) provides that, and since Delphi isn't really 
broadly multiplatform (even though it is a terrific piece of work in 
it's own right),  I am left in a pickle... or at least, I would be, 
except that FPC has provided the solution. So all these folks can have 
their scathing opinions of it. Indeed, this list, and all Pascal lists 
seem to be a place where people like to rock up an try to justify their 
own attractions to C(like) languages. I often wonder whom they are 
trying to convince, since the folks on a list like this one have 
probably already asked themselves those questions and moved on in favour 
of Pascal(like) languages.

Conversely, you don't often see Pascal people baiting list members on C 
language lists (not that I subscribe to too many of those - although I 
am familiar with C(et al) and do it use from time to time (horses for 

Anyway. I would like to say the all supporters of the FPC community - 
good stuff! Thank you thank you thank you. I have endless time and 
respect for you all. Keep it up! I don't have time for arguing the toss 
over C(like) languages and the claims of C-like superiority. I just need 
to get the job done and I know the right platform for it. Simple really. 
Industrial requirements require an industrial solution, and that's where 
we arrive at Pascal. Thanks again to you all for a great project!


Graeme Geldenhuys wrote:
> On 5/12/07, Bisma Jayadi <bisma at brawijaya.ac.id> wrote:
>> Nicely put. ;) I've found it has good points on some arguments. It's 
>> good to be
>> considered. :)
> Everybody is entitled to their opinion.   I am allowed mine and
> totally disagree with his statement about GUI's not being used on any
> other platform than Windows. And that FPC and Lazarus cannot be used
> for decent GUI applications.
> Our development team at Master Maths are busy rewritting our 3rd major
> version of our flagship product using FPC and Lazarus. Been working on
> it for over 1.5 years now and it isn't a small 'toy' project!  Also it
> has to be cross platform (Linux and Windows) so Delphi could not be
> used!    Our product consists of 4 applications all GUI based, talking
> to a backend Firebird RDMS. The product is a CBT system with Centre
> Admin side and Accounting module and the content it displays to
> learners are being designed using Adobe (Macromedia) Flash and has a
> size of around 7+Gig covering school grades from 1 though 12. We also
> have authors busy with the Science modules now.
> Our product is being used by 200+ franchisees and a few schools.  Our
> current v2 system can only run on Windows and considering that every
> centre has 25+ computers, that's a lot of Micro$oft tax that they have
> to pay. Also they need a MS server license which adds a lot more to
> the cost.
> We are in the process of switching all those 200+ centres to Linux
> which will give them a significant money saving. No more costs for
> server software, licensing, upgrades, etc...  All this made possible
> by using FPC and Lazarus - and all GUI based applications.
> Our product can also be used as a 'distance learning' product, where
> students can purchase a Maths Grade CD/DVD licensed for 1 year. They
> can then use that CD at home, be it on a Windows or Linux PC. Again a
> GUI only product.  Mouse clicks are easier that command line
> interfaces!
> We are just one such South African company - there are many more.
> South African is a big sponsor of Open Source software and the Linux
> platform.
> Just my 2c worth...
> Regards,
>   - Graeme -
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