[fpc-devel] The Lazarus Indy Package

Burkhard Carstens fpc at bcsoft.de
Wed Jan 24 11:33:42 CET 2007

Am Mittwoch, 24. Januar 2007 09:54 schrieb alvise.nicoletti at siteland.it:
> Sorry... that was for the Indy's mailing list.

Is there a mailing list? I am only aware of the newsgroup.

> However if someone of you can help me to install that package i still
> need some help.
> Sorry again.
> > Hi, I want to install and try Indy cause i heard of some windows
> > mobile cross compilation success with Lazarus.
> >
> > But, the lazarus package is not able to install in the ide, and one
> > of the developers that some days ago came on Lazarus IRC channel
> > said i have to compile it as stand alone package and after that put
> > it into Lazarus.

"Not able to install" is somewhat meaningless. Please describe what you 
do, and what error you get.

Please be aware: indy comes in one archive, containing two parts:
1. the fpc subfolder
- this contains the indy-core (aka. indy-rtl ? ): all the classes and 
stuff you need to compile indy-programs with fpc. This one does not 
need lazarus. This one has to be compiled and installed first.
2. the lazarus subfolder
- this contains the design-time components: all the things you need to 
create lazarus gui-apps using the lazarus component palette and form 
designer. AFAIK, these are not needed for compiling your projects (gui 
or console). Only for the RAD design process.

so here are the steps to do: 
(this is on linux, but should be similar on win)

1. download the package from www.indyproject.org/Sockets/fpc/index.html
2. unpack it and change into indy/fpc/
3. run "make all"
4. run "make install"
5. run "make sourceinstall INSTALL_FPCSUBDIR=fpc/packages/extra"

Now you can compile indy-progs with fpc.

6. rebuild lazarus (not sure, if this is necessary, I do it because I 
allways recompile everything ;-)  )
7. start lazarus
8. open the indy/lazarus/indylaz.lpk 
9. compile and install it (this rebuilds the ide again)
10. now you should find a lot of indy components on your component 
11. have fun


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