[fpc-devel] The Lazarus Indy Package

alvise.nicoletti at siteland.it alvise.nicoletti at siteland.it
Wed Jan 24 09:54:19 CET 2007

Sorry... that was for the Indy's mailing list.

However if someone of you can help me to install that package i still 
need some help.

Sorry again.
> Hi, I want to install and try Indy cause i heard of some windows 
> mobile cross compilation success with Lazarus.
> But, the lazarus package is not able to install in the ide, and one of 
> the developers that some days ago came on Lazarus IRC channel said i 
> have to compile it as stand alone package and after that put it into 
> Lazarus.
> However, my compiling skills are so low, and i need some support.
> I use windows.
> Thanks in advance.
> p.s. for me is indifferent wich indy version to use.
> p.p.s. Some installation-semplicity-improvement would be 
> appreciated... Lazarus packages are so comfortable...
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