[fpc-devel] Wince hooks and ttimer support (for roozbeh and all fpcdevs)

Yury Sidorov jura at cp-lab.com
Wed Jan 17 12:16:15 CET 2007

From: <alvise.nicoletti at siteland.it>
> Hi...
> I just talked to Almindor and he arrived to the conclusion that there's 
> something unfinished on WinCe LCL hooks.
> There are two roads to make his lnet libs working:
> 1) make the hooks he normally use work, actually they seems to exist but 
> they do nothing or make the application crash when called
> 2) make the ttimer work on wince, so he can call the CallAction function 
> that manages the connection "sometime" indipendently from the 
> application. That would be a workaround (so useful for me) but not the 
> definitive solution for lnet.
> I found that recent mail:
> http://www.mail-archive.com/lazarus@miraclec.com/msg12963.html
> in wich Roozbeh talks about ttimer and it seems that he's working on it.
> I just want to know if there are any news in that direction, due to the 
> need to have lnet finished to avoid my cross-compile problems and get my 
> application done.
> Thanks in advance for any answer.
> p.s. i'm trying to understand who works on wince, i got some minor bugs 
> to report too, like a combobox-onclear()-width-odd-auto-shortening and 
> something else.

Please separate wince support in compiler and RTL/FCL and Lazarus and LCL.
I work on wince support in compiler and RTL parts. You can report any issues in this area.

Yury Sidorov.

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