[fpc-devel] What I've been using Free Pascal For... Jegas Information Server (JIS)

Jason P Sage jasonpsage at jegas.org
Thu Feb 1 00:56:21 CET 2007

Hello everyone. 

I've been very busy using Free Pascal and I wanted to show what can be done
with Free Pascal. I know the core development team will not be surprised but
other developers and indecisive C++ programmers who are tuned in might be!

I really am not sure how or if this should become an open source project or
not - but I am not opposed to the idea. 

I'm not trying to sell this system to any one here but I'm just getting the
ball rolling as far as bringing this system to fruition.

There is a lot of write up about Free Pascal in general in this web page I
am showing all of you and the online manual whose URL is in one particular
screen shot is not published yet.

This was built using FPC, rtl, odbc unit, mysql unit, those string classes
and double linked list classes I wrote about recently, and my console lib
and my own console UI similar to things like turbo vision which is built on
the mouse, video and keyboard units.

I hope I have put Free Pascal in a good light and have correctly represented

Any and all comments are welcome:

Best Regards,

Jason P Sage

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