[fpc-devel] What I've been using Free Pascal For... Jegas Information Server (JIS)

Bisma Jayadi bisma at brawijaya.ac.id
Thu Feb 1 03:51:56 CET 2007

> I've been very busy using Free Pascal and I wanted to show what can be done
> with Free Pascal. I know the core development team will not be surprised but
> other developers and indecisive C++ programmers who are tuned in might be!

Congratulations, Jason! You're one of my Pascal heroes. I know you have done 
many things using FPC.

> I really am not sure how or if this should become an open source project or
> not - but I am not opposed to the idea. 

Your product is awesome. If you want to make FPC got noticed by the world 
(especially C/C++ developers out there) by using this application, I suggest you 
to make this application open source. Another great application using FPC that's 
not able to show FPC off is Pixel, because the the author insists to make it 
closed source (and commercial).

> I'm not trying to sell this system to any one here but I'm just getting the
> ball rolling as far as bringing this system to fruition.

Or at least, you can make it dual-license ala mySQL, if you want to get some 
advantages over it. About the database backend, actually I prefer to choose 
Firebird because it has same spirit as FPC: good product for free (without any 
additional terms). FPC+Firebird+LightHTTPd is unbeatable combinations, they're 
all free, multiplatform, and great. :)

> I hope I have put Free Pascal in a good light and have correctly represented
> it.

Yes, I believe you do. I'll help to spread this product in some communities 
where I involved in.


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