[fpc-devel] Extend the libraries people!

L505 fpc505 at z505.com
Sat Jun 11 04:39:31 CEST 2005

| > Another question: if someone already owns Delphi, they could compile any
source code
| > from their Delphi CD with freepascal? Is this legal?
| Compilation for private use is legal. Borland disallows to distribute
| their library source code, also in compiled (object) form unless as part
| of applications. The exact license terms are part of every Delphi
| distribution.

But compiled with delphi compiler, or freepascal? I wonder if they have a
specific restriction where you can only compile the code on their compilers...
Not that I know of but.. I thought maybe you guys had come across something like

| Contributions to FPC, like to every other public project or library,
| should be free from any special restrictions, so that a redistribution
| can not conflict with the rights of the authors of the respective code
| etc.

I realize that the FPC should contain code free from restriction.. And we have
to be careful with some people because some of us have copy/pasted code from the
VCL and not marked it as so.

I was more interested in discussing those who already have a copy of delphi and
who are "thinking" about using freepascal.. then if say they could reuse all
their delphi code in emergency, they could at least have that "safety" feeling
in the back of their mind, when thinking about starting to use FPC.

So the specific question I have is whether borland might have some restriction
in the area that their source codes can only be compiled on a borland
compiler... if sold commercially, or if used in freeware even.

So far it seems this is not the case.. but I still don't know, there might be
some little tiny wording we have missed somewhere.

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