[fpc-devel]Questions about building an IDE/RAD System

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Fri Jan 2 14:52:25 CET 2004

> Guess my reply would have to be that: I have a full replacement for the 
> Delphi IDE that I have already written, its based on the Jedi VCL and 
> Extension Lib. 

So what you have is more something like bloodshed (an IDE written in Delphi
that can connect to other commandline compilers, via DLL or external

IOW, you don't want to recompile the IDE itself with FPC?

> Thou I will be taking a look at Lazarus and seeing how it was done.  My
> current IDE works for PHP4Windows (My own creation that will go public
> some day), Delphi, C++, and a few internal languages. 

What C++ ? Only bc++, or also e.g. gcc ? If you can do GCC, a lot of that
support will be reusable for FPC.

> So adding support won't be the problem it will be getting all of the
> controls currently supported to cross compile that will be the pain since
> FP doesn't have an equilivent of BPL's that I can find.

If they depend on Jedi VCL, it will be hard, since that depends on the
Borland VCL deeper down?

And FPC indeed doesn't have packages yet.

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