[fpc-devel]Questions about building an IDE/RAD System

Jeremy Darling jdarling_kc at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 2 14:37:34 CET 2004

Guess my reply would have to be that: I have a full replacement for the 
Delphi IDE that I have already written, its based on the Jedi VCL and 
Extension Lib.  Thou I will be taking a look at Lazarus and seeing how it 
was done.  My current IDE works for PHP4Windows (My own creation that will 
go public some day), Delphi, C++, and a few internal languages.  So adding 
support won't be the problem it will be getting all of the controls 
currently supported to cross compile that will be the pain since FP doesn't 
have an equilivent of BPL's that I can find.


>From: "Yakov Sudeikin" <yashka at exebook.com>
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>Subject: Re: [fpc-devel]Questions about building an IDE/RAD System
>Date: Thu, 1 Jan 2004 01:30:57 +0600
> > go together.  As an example my current Form Designer loads the Delphi
> > and overrides the calls that normally the IDE would use to register
>I guess you do not know that FPC is the command line compiler, not the IDE,
>and there is no place to start. You should start from scratch, create your
>own code editor, add your form designer, hook to the external debugger, and
>call the command line compiler. If you do that, let me know, I'd like to 
>it :))
>Take care,
>Yakov Sudeikin
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