[fpc-devel]Building FPC 1.9.1 on BeOS

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Sun Nov 9 12:53:24 CET 2003

> BiPolar wrote:
> > Hello.
> > 
> > While trying to build FPC from today CVS sources on the BeOS platform 
> > (using "make beoszip" from the root directory):
> I guess the main problem is that the 1.0.x BeOS rtl contains a lot of 
> patches which aren't merged into 1.9.x sources.

Effectively, there is no 1.9 BeOS. After the Unix reform, the BeOS would be
written from scratch. Oco (IRC) said he'd look at it, but I haven't heard
from his experiences (or expected troubles) yet.

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