[fpc-devel]Building FPC 1.9.1 on BeOS

BiPolar BiPolar at SoftHome.net
Mon Nov 10 04:22:56 CET 2003

Hello again Florian.

>> While trying to build FPC from today CVS sources on the BeOS 
> > platform
>> I had to add two paths on the Makefile.fpc (./rtl/beos/) :
>> ----------
>> [compiler]
>> includedir=$(INC) $(PROCINC) $(UNIXINC)  $(RTL)/objpas/classes 
> > $(RTL)/
>> objpas/sysutils
>> ----------
> I tried to implement a better solution, commited. Please tell me, if 
> it
> works.

make[4]: *** No rule to make target `classes.pp', needed by 
`classes.ppu'.  Stop.

BeOS's classes.pp is still on the FCL, not on the RTL as for most other 

>> After a "fpcmake" there... the "make beoszip" goes nicely until it 
> > dies
>> saying that "as" can't be found (it list my $PATH, and it _should_ 
> > find
>> "as" there).
> $PATH doesn't matter, the compiler searches only in the dir where the
> compiler executable is and in the dirs specified by -FD

ppc386 does list all the dirs in my PATH variable. Maybe the output 
will be more clear:

/boot/develop/BePascal>ppc386 -Sd -Xs -FU./units TestApp2
beobj.pp(62,3) Error: Assembler .:/boot/home/config/bin:/bin:/boot/
fpc/bin/beos/as not found, switching to external
beobj.pp(62,3) Fatal: There were 1 errors compiling module, stopping 

>> Same happens with "sh" and "ar". Dropping symlinks to those binaries
>> one the compiler directory makes it work.

> How good does a non smartlinked BeOS version work?

It has its issues:
 - the mentioned issue with as, ar, sh, etc.
 - doesn't reads the config file.
 - fpc bails out with a "can't execute ppc386.exe". (The problem seems 
to be on ./utils/Makefile.fpc where UNIX is defined for Linux and 
FreeBSD, but not for BeOS.)
- I got the "Internal error 200309041" [ compiler/rgobj.pas (746, 17) ] 
while trying to compile PasDoc 0.8.8 ( The error is on pasdoc_gen.pas 
(1514) )

But, besides that, it does compiles all the sources of BePascal, and 
also compiles our test apps (GUI) and that works ok. (the size of the 
binary is ~20% bigger :-( )

Most of the issues seems to be related to IFDEFs that "fails" on BeOS, 
for example, on fpc.pp:
{$ifdef UNIX}
{$else UNIX}
  {$ifdef AMIGA}
{$endif UNIX}

And on BeOS fpc tries to use "ppc386.exe".

Maybe the problem with finding as, ar, etc, and also the not reading of 
the ".fpc.cfg" (that on BeOS shouldn't have the dot in front, BTW) are 
related to that: some define is not defined, and the code gets mixed 
unix/dos stuffs (an older version of FPC used to send " /C /bin/sh" to 
shell, being /C from COMSPEC /C :-) ).

Well, that's all for now. Many thanks for FPC.

Oscar Lesta.
(not on the mail list, please CC any reply)

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