[fpc-devel]Amiga68k Compilation options...

Nils Sjöholm nils.sjoholm at mailbox.swipnet.se
Sun Nov 24 19:53:10 CET 2002

söndag 24 november 2002 12:51 skrev Carl Eric Codere:
> > However, there are still a few problems exist, for eg. around
> > paths as Nils said. But i'm happy with the current results.
> > (... and waiting for offical snapshot... :)
> Florian forgot to tell you that you must also define AMIGA when compiling
> the compiler, otherwise it will compile for the linux-m68k target by
> default (thats why there are path problems)...

Done some more tests and it's fexpand that cause the problem, I guess.

If I compile this testprog

program fexpandtest;

uses dos;


on native linux I get


compiled on uae with native amigacompiler I get


I get double paths plus uppercase.


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