[fpc-devel]Amiga68k Compilation options...

Balogh, Karoly (Charlie/iNQ) charlie at scenergy.dfmk.hu
Sun Nov 24 22:52:32 CET 2002


On 24-Nov-02, Nils Sjöholm wrote:

>>> However, there are still a few problems exist, for eg. around
>>> paths as Nils said. But i'm happy with the current results.
>>> (... and waiting for offical snapshot... :)
>> Florian forgot to tell you that you must also define AMIGA when
>> compiling the compiler, otherwise it will compile for the 
>> linux-m68k target by default (thats why there are path problems)...

Yes, i've figured out that Florian forgot this, so i added by myself
to the make command he recommended. And then it worked. So the problems 
not resulted by this.
> Done some more tests and it's fexpand that cause the problem, I guess.
> [...]
> compiled on uae with native amigacompiler I get
> I get double paths plus uppercase.

Same here. Because of this, the compiler also searches it's units and
etc at wrong place. It's even a wonder it still works with files 
copied to that wrong place... :)

(And these problems not because UAE, since i'm testing it on a real

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