[fpc-devel]Insisting on IDE

Pierre Muller pierre at idefix.wisa.be
Sun Mar 25 00:48:32 CET 2001

>>I tryed fr-latin1 and AltGR keys are also not working. Are ther anything
>>I can do for helping you to debug the problem?
>  I just found out that I also have the problem on console !
>I didn't notice that I used an older version when I first tested it, sorry!
>  So I can confirm that I get the same problem,
>this at least means that I should be able to debug the problem !

 I found the source of the problem and 
hope that I fixed it.
  I uploaded to ftp.freepascal.org a new FP IDE snapshot
for linux.
  This executable is completely statically linked, and
as such should work on most i386 Linux boxes.
(It was compiled on a 2.2.5 linux machine)

  Please try this new version ot and don't hesitate to 
report more bugs if you find other problems !

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