[fpc-devel]Insisting on IDE

Pierre Muller pierre at idefix.wisa.be
Sat Mar 24 00:52:48 CET 2001

>> >without the options you given...
>>   Try using "fp -F"
>> this is the poor's man version
>> of fp (no double lines, but it look more acceptable
>> than letters as border !)
>It don't worked also. Running fp -F from a pts (like inside mc or from 
>telnet) the line drawing characters are presented as letters ("x" for 
>vertical lines, "q" for horizontal lines, etc.). When running it (with -F) 
>from a virtual console (tty*) it runs normally, not with poor's man line 

Can you tell me the date that is in the Help|About dialog ?

>I was trying some things. In console, when altGR key don't work. If I enters 
>the learn keys screen, I can place the cursor in any position (in exaplle 
>lerning F1) and press keys like "[" (that needs AltGR) and it works. Then,
>the editor, pressing "[" key (usint AltGr it acts as F1. It means fp is 
>reading these keys but ignoring it. 
>I tryed fr-latin1 and AltGR keys are also not working. Are ther anything
>I can do for helping you to debug the problem?

  I just found out that I also have the problem on console !
I didn't notice that I used an older version when I first tested it, sorry!

  So I can confirm that I get the same problem,
this at least means that I should be able to debug the problem !

  No idea from where it comes, but the fact that it works inside
the "Learn keys" dialog helps me a little.

  Thanks for the bug report !

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