[fpc-devel]Insisting on IDE

Pierre Muller pierre at idefix.wisa.be
Sat Mar 24 00:20:03 CET 2001

>> #/bin/sh
>> xterm -fn vga -fb vga -rv -e /the/complete/path/to/you/fp -t `tty` $*
>It works fine, thank you!

  You might get problems with some function keys,
if you have, try to Use
  "Options|Preferences|Learn keys"

>> >I tryed also RHIDE and seen that it has problems with catching alt keys
>> > for using it for special functions (it does not work at all). In fp IDE
>> > it works right, but I don't know why altGR combinations does not work...
>> Do the AltGr keys work in Rhide ?
>Yes, it works right in Rhide. But RHide has other problems... in example it 
>does not convert variable names to uppercase when evaluating/watching, and 
>some problems with keys... And I had problems on compiling rhide then I
>try to fix these problems.
  That is strange ...
>>   Do you have a special keyboard ?
>> Did you configure Linux for this special keyboard ?
>> I have a french keyboard and
>> in /etc/rc.d
>> I have a file called rc.keymap
>> that contains
>> /usr/bin/loadgzkeys fr-latin1.map
>> (Note that my Linux is VERY old)
>> but it might be that your installation didn't set the correct keyboard!
>My linux is running "loadkeys es" I also tryed "loadkeys es-latin1" with the 
>same results...
>I just discovered something!!
>In a console, if I runs mc and presses CTRL+O for openning a shell, then the 
>keys works with fp, but line drawing characters appears like in an X
>without the options you given...

  Try using "fp -F" 

this is the poor's man version
of fp (no double lines, but it look more acceptable
than letters as border !)

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