[Pas2js] pas2js trunk with fpc 3.2.2/lazarus 2.2.2?

Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Mon Sep 12 10:12:41 CEST 2022

El 12/9/22 a les 10:03, Luca Olivetti ha escrit:

Aagh, my memory!

What fixed the problem previously was unzipping the release version (I 
didn't think to keep the previous copy to see what changed), but the 
question still stands: what should I do with the trunk version?


> Hello,
> I checked out pas2js trunk and tried to compile it with fpc 3.2.2.
> The first hurdle is that setting FPCDIR to the sources of fpc didn't 
> work, what worked was to simlink the sources to "compiler".
> Then, if I try to compile a project with the newly built pas2js, I get 
> this error:
> classes.pas(6968,34) Error: Incompatible type arg no. 1: Got "Char", 
> expected "Double". Var param must match exactly.
> This is in "FStream.ReadBufferData(C)" in TBinaryObjectReader.ReadIdent
> I remember that, all of a sudden, I started getting this error even with 
> the release version of pas2js, solved by rebuilding and reinstalling fpc 
> and rebuilding lazarus./la, I tried the same and now I'm getting the 
> same error with the release version of pas2js.
> What should I do now?
> Bye

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