[Pas2js] aCell.Text related plea

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel janusz.chmiel at volny.cz
Fri Oct 16 18:42:18 CEST 2020

I want to recode TEventTableWidgetDemo code so it will allow Me to add
various values to The table. Not only one word on many lines with its Number
But how to create The array and how to add various values so code will work
and will create table with various values on The left column?
aCell.Text can create The value. But I want to have The various ones.
I AM guessing that I must use dynamic array or similar variable. Because
adding aCell.Text with various values on two or more lines do not create
various values. Table contain The same word.
TEventTableWidgetDemo code is more than ideal base for recode The word based
questionary. There are editable fields, perfectly accessible table for
screen readers users including table title, so it is really ideal solution.
I Am very sorry for my intruding. But this kind of table is really ideal. It
will look nice and it will be possible to smoothly filling it out.
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