[Pas2js] bit thanks letter

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel janusz.chmiel at volny.cz
Wed Aug 26 12:25:53 CEST 2020

The compiler and Webwidget, web and htmlwidgets units have made Me very big
joy. Java script code is fast. And I Am very pleasant, that resulting app
created by using htmlwidgets is fully accessible with screen readers with no
issues at all.
I AM very nicely impressed by The fact, how many various WEB widgets are
supported now. And putting object position values or other typographical
information is not mandatory. Very very well done.
I have also found out, that I will finally stop wasting time by programming
various Internet radio players, because there is allready opensource
professional solution
I would never develop something much better except that I could add other
GUi widgets for example. I will rather focus on text based online
interactive applications, where users would had to write various words to
give A good answer to various memory training tests.
Because video and audio player solutions are allready here. I could never
concurrent Google and to his YOutube online WEB solution. Radio players are
also here.

But memory trainers can be also extended by adding AN positive motivation
stimules to The clients. Such as. App could show them nice picture of A nice
flowers, sure I must obtain The author of An picture The permission to
publish it.

I will also not try to make An audio recorder and player, because
understanding WEBaudio unit is not easy. And it is not work for beginner.
So for now, I will focus on online interaction forms and I will be able to
fully use Pascal language, because I can uuse if then
or case
condition blocks for such tasks.
My necessary knowledge will be to correctly understand how to react on some
button click event. I will also have to learn how to create editable fields
with An label which will contain The info what user should type to a
corresponding form editable field.

I will be patiently waiting for October and really. Thank you again.
I would never be able to buy expensive smart mobile studio or other Delphi
based solution. I would had to buy expensive Delphi and expensive 400 Euro
product too.
So thank you again for yours time and for yours kind support.

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