[Pas2js] some accessibility related findings

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel janusz.chmiel at volny.cz
Sun Aug 23 13:02:42 CEST 2020

I have analysed various demo apps and I have found out, that if An app uses
new Webvidgets.pas unit or if An app uses special approach based on .lfm
files which are The part of The project, todays used algorithms of Windows
screen readers can not work with such special compiled WEB based app.
So by other words, The accessible approach is app, which uses web.pas unit.
Even yours graphical game with sound is perfectly accessible, because you
are using Web unit.
So my future is more than clear. I can not work with visual form designers,
since it uses canvas. Resulting project would not be usable for screen
readers users.
Even browserconsole unit produces inaccessible output.
It is veŇ°ry probably caused by The some issues related to getting info from
Webbrowser object.
So really. EWeb unit is my future. So I must copy all its data types and
object names for Me to A separate text file buttons, checkboxes, etc. SO I
will declare those data types correctly.
I have only one big plea.
How to configure latest stable Lazarus, so it will allow Me to build
projects based on Pas2js compiler so resulting file will be .html file and
.js file, and I will do not have to add manually The references to The .js
script to The .html file?

Or it is not possible for now?
Sighted majority will very appreciate The complex work on webwidgets and
visual designer for Lazarus.
But I must stay with my feets put on The ground. 
I will do my best to learn web.pas unit procedures and functions.
I will have The last plea on a next thread.

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