[Pas2js] Where are the Pas2Js projGambiarra Demo source files?

Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Sat Sep 21 19:34:13 CEST 2019

Am 20.09.2019 um 10:13 schrieb Luc DAVID:
> Hi,
> I also post this on the Lazarus forum (pas2js board) but I am not sure 
> it is checked regularely.
> Sorry for double posting.
> I tried the projGambiarra demo from 
> https://github.com/pas2js/pas2js.github.io. Very impressive work! :)
> Can someone tell me where I can find the pascal source?
> AFAIK the 
> https://github.com/pas2js/pas2js.github.io/tree/master/master/projGambiarra/www 
> has only the generated js files.

I think the examples are using TMSWebCore thus there can't be any 
sources, at least not of the framework itself, as that belongs to TMS.

However here is a similar set of components by the same author: 

Alternatively you can also take a look at Pas2JS-Widgets which is 
available here: https://github.com/heliosroots/Pas2JS_Widget/tree/master

I've experimented around with it in July and tried to implement LFM 
streaming (see this mail of mine: 
https://lists.freepascal.org/pipermail/pas2js/2019-July/000063.html ).


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