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Markus Greim greim at schleibinger.com
Wed Apr 19 10:06:42 CEST 2023

You are right there are in between many compilers for the Propeller 2 around. 
My idea would be a to have an Oberon system on the Propeller itself. 
Developing on the target itself is unbeatable clever. 
Is started 35 Years ago with the 8051-AH Basic processor and later on similar systems. 

The Propeller 2 has already a built in Forth which is already a fine thing, but I am sure the Processor is powerful enough to run also a full Oberon 
in the latest flavor of the RISC5 system. 
The Oberon0 compiler would be necessary as bootstrap for a full Oberon system. 
A native Oberon0 to Propeller ASM compiler would be fine, but maybe it would be easier to write first an Oberon0 to PropForth compiler. 

Kind Regards


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On April 19, 2023 at 1:25 AM GMT+2 tsiegel at softcon.com wrote:

Gcc has already been ported to the propeller II, (and it runs on
the original propeller too), so porting other languages should be
"relatively" easy. I've not made the attempt to port anything yet
though, mostly because I've been out of the propeller world for a
couple years, and now that the version 2 is out, I'm trying to
reestablish some working environments so I can use the propeller
2. I have bought some of the mystery boxes, which gave me a
propeller 2 edge board with 32MB of ram, but I don't think I have
an actual propeller 2 just yet. Needing others to id things for
me is making the list of products I have hard to create, but I'm
getting there.

Anyway, since gcc exists, any compiler that uses gcc as the
backend should be possible to port. I've thought about porting
FPC, but I'd have to start with a version that's already meant for
smaller systems, I do believe someone posted a link to one a few
months ago, perhaps that one could be used as a jumping off point,
would be interesting to see pascal available for the propeller

On 4/18/2023 6:21 AM, Markus Greim via
fpc-pascal wrote:

> Hi Adriaan,

> whats about a Oberon-0 compiler compiling to Forth?

> And then Forth to MacOSX? (RetroForth, Swift or whatever) 

> That may sound silly, but such a Compiler would help a lot> to port Obern to other platforms resp Microcontrollers etc. 

> For example to the Propeller II ....

> Kind Regards

> Markus

>> On April 18, 2023>> at 12:13 PM GMT+2 fpc-pascal at lists.freepascal.org>> wrote:

>> Any suggestions for running simple>> Oberon-0 programs on the MacOSX command-line ? EIther by>> emulating its RISC processor or by changing the Oberon-0>> compiler ? I prefer not to load the entire Oberon system (for>> which there do exist emulators).

>> Regards,

>> Adriaan van Os

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