[fpc-pascal] IRC channel for FreePascal support ?

Jer Haan jdehaan2014 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 13 13:56:57 CEST 2023

I suggest to subscribe to the Lazarus/ Fpc forum. It’s very easy.
You don’t have to ask questions if you don’t want, and you can still learn a lot from all questions and answers posted.
And no one is horassing anyone…


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Onderwerp: Re: [fpc-pascal] IRC channel for FreePascal support ?

I bet this Joanna character is an active member of her Homeowners

I verified that there is an operator named Joanna on #fpc on

The power-hungry kind of behavior exhibited by Joanna is bad for the
channel and therefore bad for the project. In another post Jacob
mentioned that Joanna had kicked him from several other channels on
which he had done nothing. This is inexcusable. I assume now that I've
written this I'll meet the same fate. I'm rethinking my use of FPC and
Lazarus. What good is software if you can't get support?


Jacob Kroon via fpc-pascal said on Thu, 13 Apr 2023 12:53:31 +0200

>Hi Tomas,
>On 4/13/23 11:39, Tomas Hajny via fpc-pascal wrote:
>> Just FYI - I don't see anybody having name "Joanna" among people
>> subscribed to this mailing list, and nobody like that has been
>> considerably active here in the last years as far as my memory
>> serves correctly. Obviously, the address and/or name may be
>> completely different from the IRC nickname, thus it doesn't mean
>> that you wouldn't get the response here for sure. I can't check the
>> list of people subscribed to FPC forum, the person may be active
>> there.
>Thanks for checking, but well, I just got contacted by "Joanna"
>privately on IRC, this is the chatlog:
>> *** BEGIN LOGGING AT Thu Apr 13 12:35:45 2023
>> [Joanna has address uid57472 at id-57472.lymington.irccloud.com]
>> Apr 13 12:35:45 <Joanna>        I advised you to go to forums where
>> you could get some help. Did you ask your question in forums yet?
>> Apr 13 12:37:36 <Joanna>        Your question in fpc was already
>> answered. Please Ask your next question in forums and provide a link
>> Apr 13 12:39:26 <kroon> Hi. No, I prefer mailinglist and IRC, not
>> forums. Apr 13 12:39:59 <Joanna>        Why do you dislike the
>> forums? Apr 13 12:40:33 <kroon> I already have 2 ways of
>> communication, I don't need a third, where I have to register etc.
>> Apr 13 12:40:45 <kroon> Now why the hell do you ban people for
>> asking questions ??? Apr 13 12:41:01 <Joanna>        How long have
>> you used irc ? I’ve never seen you before Apr 13 12:41:23 <kroon>
>> And why do you kick people because they are being silent ??? Apr 13
>> 12:41:34 <kroon> I don't know, more than 10 years Apr 13 12:41:44
>> <Joanna>        If you refuse to ask your questions in forums we
>> have nothing more to discuss Apr 13 12:41:48 <kroon> And I have
>> never been kicked out of a channel for being silent Apr 13 12:42:06
>> <Joanna>        Not my problem Apr 13 12:42:26 <kroon> Fine, I'll
>> try to contact the IRC admins in the mailing list and get your admin
>> rights revoked then Apr 13 12:42:47 <Joanna>        I know who you
>> are **** ENDING LOGGING AT Thu Apr 13 12:42:56 2023
>Now I'm also banned from #lazarus, the reason is "harrassment by pm".
>I ask the #fpc Libera.Chat IRC administrators (if they are listening
>here) to revoke channel operator status for user "Joanna".
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