[fpc-pascal] First Version Vector Toolkit in OpenGL

Anthony Walter sysrpl at gmail.com
Sun Oct 31 10:57:29 CET 2021

You might have read in my prior message to this group my announcement of a
vector graphics and physics library I've been writing for FPC.

In this first release, I am taking a stab at designing a new user interface
toolkit from scratch based on the vector graphics library rendered purely
in OpenGL. Below is a video of my first test of this toolkit and I thought
I'd share. Perhaps some of you may have some suggestions.


Please bear in mind, this is meant to be a VERY minimal toolkit for the
purpose of configuring or inputting settings in either game like programs
or physics simulation programs. It includes a limited set of controls:
windows, panels, sliders, push buttons, glyph buttons, check boxes, text
entry, labels, image, and one custom paint control where you can draw
whatever you want.

That said, everything is fully themeable and you can write or switch to
different themes. The theme system manages the size of each control
element, their visual representation, and the fonts and colors. It operates
completely independent of the controls.

Layout is handled for you automatically by the container controls, window
or panel, where children can be tiled horizontally, or vertically and
placed near, center or far. Each control can have custom margins and
containers can have custom size borders (space between controls and their
four edges).

As mentioned before, this library will be released to a git repository soon
with a FOSS license. It will be able to run on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Pi
including the new Pi Zero 2 W.
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