[fpc-pascal] Writing Pascal Physics and Vectors

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Sat Oct 16 00:36:18 CEST 2021

I would be helpful if you could meld this work into other Pascal-based efforts, such as the Castle Game Engine. I don't know the details of CGE but if it could use more of this type of functionality, why not make your work even more useful by connecting up with CGE?

Doug C.

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I've been working on writing Pascal bindings a friendly object orient interface to a few open source projects. I have put together Chipmunk2D, NanoVG, MiniMP3, and SDL2 for rendering nice real time platform independent programs where fast logic can be easily controlled with physics or fast graphics can easily be rendered.

If you are interested in hearing more, I've put up a quick and dirty video of one of my test scene that precisely detects points of contact and the forces behind them at the page below.


Source code for the test scene is included on that page. If you want to help, I need to bounce ideas off people as well as test on Raspberry Pi, Mac, and Windows. Message me and maybe we can try to meet on a Discord channel.

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