[fpc-pascal] How to get fpc and lazarus sources when svn has shut down?

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>     It's like switching car brands from a VW to an Audi or so.
>     Some buttons are in different places, your key will maybe look
>     different,
>     but that's it. It's a car, it brings you from a to b.
> It's not switching brands, it's switching the type of the car.
> from a passenger i.e. to a bus.
> It's still a car, but the concept is a little different.

Ah, that is true for selected individuals, if looking at their own plate 

There were issues for those who wanted to switch.

- the need to maintain the server on which it was hosted / to update 
server software.
- the absence of the feature the knew exist / and they knew would help them.

For those that "had to come along", well it's part of the group experience.
Many of them will probably at some point pick up some of the new 
features, and then they can look back and be glad to have learned it. 
(just like the pupil in later live might come to benefit from what they 
learned in school).

For those who will not have the luck of benefiting themself ever, well 
they came along for the "greater good".
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