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Hello Bernd,

there is a bachelor thesis from Jörg Winkler, 2013 in the net (in German): 

"OpenGL-basierter logischer Gerätetreiber für ein Grafisches Kernsystem"
Entwicklung eines logischen GKS Gerätetreibers
auf der Basis von OpenGL


It includes the source code (in C) . Seems to be a GKS to OpenGL software. 

AFAIK the author is on GitHub, so may be you can ask him for some details or the source files: 

Kind Regards


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I don't know if this can help you, but in the 1980s I worked with
a library called GKS (graphic kernel system) 

which I used to build such graphics like the following example: 


This programs that did this were written in Pascal at that time. 

It still works today for me (the customer still uses this

although is it C today, and GKS is not available any more. 

What I did: the original GKS calls are written to files (some sort
of GKS metafile, but not the 

original 1980s format), and then this file format is read by a C
program GOUTHPGL, 

which translates this (proprietary) format to HPGL. The HPGL files
are either sent to 

HP plotters or translated to PDF using public domain software; see
the file above. 

(GOUTHGPL was a Pascal program in the 1990s, too). 

IMO, you could easily write the "GKS metafile format" with

in fact, it is simply is a sort of logfile of the GKS calls. 

Here is an old paper about the GKS system:

The translator GOUTHGPL supports only a small subset of GKS; see
again the example picture above. 

If you are interested for more details, you could contact me

Kind regards


Am 15.11.2020 um 09:33 schrieb Darius
Blaszyk via fpc-pascal:

> Hi,

> I am looking for a simple to use non-visual graphing> library to produce x-y plots in a raster file format (similar> to how pyplot works). Rather than developing something from> scratch or writing a wrapper to GNU plot (additional> dependency), I was hoping something like this already would> exist that I could build upon.

> Thank you for any tips!

> Rgds, Darius

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