[fpc-pascal] Range check error warning.

Alexander Grotewohl alex at dcclost.com
Tue Mar 24 17:32:33 CET 2020

just to be clear.. you did do foldhiddenbit: byte = 7, etc?

Alexander Grotewohl

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Hello WKitty.

   foldhiddenmask : byte = 1 shl foldhiddenbit;
   currentfoldhiddenmask : byte = 1 shl currentfoldhiddenbit;
   foldlevelmask : byte = not (foldhiddenmask or currentfoldhiddenmask);


  msedatalist.pas(897,47) Error: (3203) Illegal expression
  msedatalist.pas(899,61) Error: (3203) Illegal expression
  msedatalist.pas(900,72) Error: (3203) Illegal expression

Thanks for the links for calculation, indeed the result is -193.

I did play with abs(), for example:

foldlevelmask = abs(byte(not (foldhiddenmask or currentfoldhiddenmask)));

But strangely still that warning:
Warning: (4110) Range check error while evaluating constants (-193 must be
between 0 and 255)



Many thanks ;-)
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