[fpc-pascal] Travis CI support

Nico Neumann n.neumann93 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 15:21:49 CET 2020

I'm searching for volunteers who could help to add and support continuous
integration via Travis CI. According to
https://docs.travis-ci.com/user/languages/community-supported-languages/ we
would need to be at least a group of 3 people and we would need to write a
Ruby script (I've started already) for Travis Build (

There is already an existing solution for Travis CI, see
https://forum.lazarus.freepascal.org/index.php/topic,29957.0.html, but
having real language support would still be a good thing.
I'd also like to add support for newer FPC versions like the unreleased
version (currently FPC 3.2) and FPC trunk.
Additionally it might be possible to use Travis CI to build daily snapshots
which was mentioned in

Kind Regards.
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