[fpc-pascal] New Warnings with fpc >= 3.2.0

fredvs fiens at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 11 13:25:22 CET 2020

Thanks Michael.

> You'll need to disable that particular warning if you want to use such
> tricks. 

For the "-1" trick, it can be easy fixed with 

if (kind = tabulatorkindty(tak_lef)) or (kind = tabulatorkindty(tak_right))
or (kind = tabulatorkindty(tak_centered)) or (kind =
tabulatorkindty(tak_decimal)) then

But for the other example:

--> tdataevent(de_afterapplyupdate)

Do you think it would be better to add the "extended" elements of the array

--> de_afterapplyupdate = ord(high(tdataevent))+6; 

Directly in the original tdataevent array?

By the way, huh, yes, if I am totally sure that the code is safe, I would be
happy to know the code-number of those Warning and disable it.

Of course in last resort (no time to be lazy).


Many thanks ;-)
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