[fpc-pascal] New Warnings with fpc >= 3.2.0

fredvs fiens at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 11 12:51:34 CET 2020

> Do it properly, and add a tab_None or somesuch

If I may, I would prefer "somesuch" vs adding a new constant.

But, really, would it not possible to write the equivalent of 

if (kind <> tabulatorkindty(-1)) then

Maybe using in this case:

if (kind = tabulatorkindty(tak_lef)) or (kind = tabulatorkindty(tak_right))
or (kind = tabulatorkindty(tak_centered)) or (kind =
tabulatorkindty(tak_decimal)) then

But I would prefer a shorter way, mainly if the array is big.


Other question relative to Warnings:

How to do this:


where TDataEvent is defined as 

 TDataEvent = (deFieldChange, deRecordChange, deDataSetChange,
    deDataSetScroll, deLayoutChange, deUpdateRecord, deUpdateState,
    deCheckBrowseMode, dePropertyChange, deFieldListChange, deFocusControl,

and de_afterapplyupdate was defined with:

 de_afterapplyupdate = ord(high(tdataevent))+6;



--->  tdataevent(de_afterapplyupdate)

Gives as Warning:

"msebufdataset.pas(4070,16) Warning: range check error while evaluating
constants (20 must be between 0 and 14)"


> It is a warning not an error. 

Yes, but it shows that something is wrong and it is time now to fix this
before problems


Many thanks ;-)
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