[fpc-pascal] would be possible to create .dex file from PPCJVM .class files with no depend on App compat library

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel janusz.chmiel at volny.cz
Wed Jan 29 14:16:41 CET 2020

Dear specialists,
Does somebody of you know, if it would be possible to build functional
Android app from PPCJVM created .class files which will not depend on App
compat jar library?
I have found two fully functional solutions, which do not used appcompat
Scatter on GOogle Play named create Android apps and one Termux project,
which have been created by MR Sdrausty. It build .apk packages with minimal
dependencies and fully functional, .dex sizes can be 40 100 KB, ETC.

But unfortunately, there is very very few projects, which can build .dex
files from .class files, which have been created by Free Pascal compiler.
My goal is to reduce memory allocations and increase GUI speed while
touching screen with Android accessibility suite. I believe, that if
resulting app have minimal dependencies, it allocates less memory and its
GUI responsiveness can be much more faster.
Mr Sven Bard have created one functional app several ayears ago. it was
metro organizer app.
It is very sad, that nobody have released good Android app builder which is
based on PPCJVM, it would allow developers to create very small

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