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> Tomas Hajny-2 wrote
> > The difference between your version and the original one is that the
> > original finishes the program with some error code thus allowing some
> > error checking in case the program was called from some script, etc.,
> > whereas your version finishes with a result of 0 even if the processing
> > encountered some errors.
> No, I dont think so, all error code are still there.
> Even more, if the user dont use a filename as parameter, help-messages are
> displayed.

You are wrong. Halt() sets the error code provided as parameter. Terminate
by itself does not.

> And also I dont see what it could have to do with the memory leak.

Terminate leads to the destructor being called while Halt exists the
program in a hard way. But as Tomas wrote, when a program terminates all
memory is returned to the OS so that is not really a problem.


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