[fpc-pascal] ptop and comma.

fredvs fiens at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 12 22:40:57 CET 2020

> The diff is quite big, and it's not whitespace changes... 
> is that intentional, or if not, where did you get the original ptopu.pp

It comes from source of fpc 3.0.4.

Hum, so big?

To add a "comma" keyword,

1) Insert comma in keysymbol array.
2) Add "comma" in EntryNames.
3) Add option[t,comma]^.dindsym := ...] in procedure SetDefaultIndents.
4) Add option[t,comma]^.selected := [spaft] in Procedure SetDefaults.

So, not so much.

By the way, there is a little memory leak in original fpc 3.0.4 ptop:

Heap dump by heaptrc unit of /home/fred/ptop/ptop
31 memory blocks allocated : 2383/2424
30 memory blocks freed     : 2175/2216
1 unfreed memory blocks : 208
True heap size : 393216
True free heap : 392800
Should be : 392816
Call trace for block $00007FFFF7F8A100 size 208

And this one is very well hidden, I dont see anything in ptop.pp and
ptopu.pp that could do it.
Maybe from a used units?



Many thanks ;-)
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