[fpc-pascal] How to rebuild an fpc package

Christo Crause christo.crause at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 19:32:41 CET 2020

On Tue, Feb 11, 2020 at 4:57 PM Luis - SoftSAT Sistemas <
luis at softsatsistemas.com.br> wrote:

> > You are using relative paths in -Fu and your current folder is
> c:\lazarus\fpc\3.0.4\source\packages\fcl-db, so
> > -Fu../../rtl should expand to -Fuc:\lazarus\fpc\3.0.4\source\rtl - the
> compiler is searching where it was told.
> This is done by the make file that come with the package.
> > It may be easier to just specify the absolute path to the compiled RTL
> units, for example:
> > -Fuc:\lazarus\fpc\3.0.4\units\rtl\your-target
> If i add this with `make OPT=-Fu....` it advances to next error and
> require another unit.
> >> C:/lazarus/fpc/3.0.4/bin/i386-win32/ppc386.exe fpmake.pp -n -Fu../../r
> if i edit the make file and remove the "-n" flag it compiles the fpmake
> but when fpmake is run its throws another error.
> Anyway, looks like there are some problem with the makefile or with
> something else on my system.

I guess the problem is how to tell the make system when to use installed
units and when to recompile units.  Although it should be possible to
figure out how to do this, I rather suggest an easier fix: just recompile
everything with "make all install" from the base of the fpc source folder.
This way the makefiles do all the tracking of where compiled units are.
The few minutes this will take should be much less than the time spent
trying to figure out how to fix your original problem.
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