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> https://www.freepascal.org/docs-html/ref/refsu69.html
> Remark: Note that there is no support for QWord arguments in array of
> const. This is for Delphi compatibility, and the compiler will ignore
> any resulting range checks when in mode Delphi.
> but the code shows that QWord is supported. huh?
>    TVarRec = record
>       case VType : Ptrint of
>         ...
>         vtInt64      : (VInt64: PInt64);
>         vtQWord      : (VQWord: PQWord);
>     end;

It's LongWord that is not supported. This is already fixed in the trunk
version of the documentation (and thus what will be used for 3.2).

> Also I cannot find Double/Single support in TVarRec but maybe Extended
> is enough.

Yes, the highest precision floating point type is enough.


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