[fpc-pascal] Search path order for fpc.cfg

Alexander Grotewohl alex at dcclost.com
Sat Apr 11 20:29:45 CEST 2020

Are you always going to be running the compiler from a front-end (IDE, whatever else)? Just use code on the other end to find the binary directory and call something like "fpc @/home/whereis/fpc/fpc.cfg ..."

You could also use a bash script to wrap the compiler and do something like:

To find out where the script is (and therefore where your binaries/config are) to use with @ again.

I duno. If you really do this I'd suggest doing it once and writing a correct config to .fpc.cfg in their home directory... in that case they can at least upgrade fpc independently from the whole project. But that touches the system..

Alexander Grotewohl
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> if the .so.n issue was really so urgent for you,

Ho, it was urgent for we since the first time I did use it 15 years ago!

And each time that I request it, it finished by insult.

And when I created uos, problems of linking to libs where solved by
loadlibrary() because with ld it was not possible.

Sorry but now it is the time to change and fast.


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