[fpc-pascal] fpPDF and support of Latin2 charset

LacaK lacak at zoznam.sk
Thu Mar 21 14:20:18 CET 2019

>> I am trying work with fpPDF. I can create PDF document, but character
>> out of ASCII range are displayed wrong (in PDF file they are stored as
>> UTF8).
> First things first... what version of FPC are you using? FPC 3.0.4 or
> FPC 3.1.1 - just so I know what code to look at.

I tried both versions 3.0.4 and also trunk

> I had a quick look and indeed there is something strange (or different)
> with the "cour.ttf" font. At closer inspection (using FontForge font
> editor) the "cour.tff" as supplied by Microsoft is some hybrid
> TTF+Bitmap font. The "arial.ttf" is a pure truetype font (no bitmap
> glyphs embedded).
> Not 100% sure yet if that is the cause or not. Maybe some special
> processing is needed for hybrid fonts. I'll investigate further.

I think that problem is related to font parsing. As I wrote in comment 
to bug report #35251 there is incorrectly extracted information about 
char Widths ... look into attached generated PDF there ...

Thank you ...


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