[fpc-pascal] TParamFlags and fpc 3.2.0.

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Wed Jul 24 15:53:16 CEST 2019


> Shouldn't the first $ifdef check for mse_fpc_3_2 as well? 

Ooops, of course, there was a bad copy-paste, the original code was this:

  {$ifdef mse_fpc_3_2}wordset{$else}byteset{$endif}(pbyte(po1)^));
       inc(po1,{$ifdef mse_fpc_3_2}2{$else}1{$endif});

Note that previous post is valid, you only need to know that, at the moment,
in mse code,
"mse_fpc_3_2" point to fpc > 3.0.0.  (so fpc 3.0.1, fpc 3.0.2, fpc 3.0.3 and
fpc 3.0.4).

For fpc > 3.1.x, nothing was defined yet in mse code.

Maybe if I may compare the modifs done in fpc code for TParamFlags from fpc
3.0.4 to fpc 3.2.0 it will give more light.

Huh, of course if somebody has a idea how to hide that first  "$self:
Pointer" parameter, he is welcome to share it.

Last thing, after Googling a while about "fpc" + "TParamFlags" I did only
find this:


... and that post was from Martin that seems to be the only one that used
and understood TParamFlags.



Many thanks ;-)
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