[fpc-pascal] TParamFlags and fpc 3.2.0.

fredvs fiens at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 24 15:28:22 CEST 2019

> Shouldn't the first $ifdef check for mse_fpc_3_2 as well? 

In mse code,  mse_fpc_3_0_2 and  mse_fpc_3_0_4 are defined with this:

{$if FPC_FULLVERSION >= 030100} {$define mse_fpc_3_2} {$endif}

Yes, Martin did use "fpc_3_2" to define fpc > 3.0.x

Note that using fpc 3.0.2 or fpc 3.0.4 is totally ok.

But for fpc 3.1.x and fpc 3.2.x, nothing was prepared yet.

Do you know what modifs in TParamFlags were done in fpc 3.2.0 versus fpc
3.0.4 ?

Note also I did try adding pfHidden flag but the "$self: Pointer" first
parameter is alway there, using fpc 3.2.0.

By the way, many thanks for the help.


Many thanks ;-)
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