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> > You don't seem to understand what implementing an interface means in
> Object Pascal. It means that a class can be cast to an interface. It does
> *not* mean that the interface's methods are available from that class.
> I guess I'm not seeing the design pattern which they was invented for and
> I've never come across it in my own work. Not against the idea in any way
> however.
> My mind went in the same direction as Adriaan's did when I saw
> "implements" I thought that one class could be built from many smaller
> classes but share the same namespace (like in multiple inheritance or
> entity/component designs). If a class implements an interface via a
> delegate then I would expect this to function the same as inheritance, i.e.
> the namespaces are merged and share functions. Doesn't that make sense?

It does make sense, but not in the context of interfaces. They are not
there to provide implementations, but to provide a known API to the user.

> Maybe what I mean to say is that there's a need for a delegation syntax
> that functions like multiple inheritance and avoids the traps of deeply
> nested single inheritance hierarchies. Does anyone else agree?

What might be more interesting in this context than multiple inheritance is
the concept of aspects (aka aspect oriented programming though you might
also want to look for "mixin"; there's an old thread about that:
https://lists.freepascal.org/fpc-pascal/2009-December/023815.html). If we
could find an agreeable syntax and implementation for that then we'd be
potentially inclined to include that as a new feature as there had been
experiments for that in the past.


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