[fpc-pascal] CopyFile for FreePascal without Lazarus?

James Richters james at productionautomation.net
Thu Apr 18 13:04:08 CEST 2019

How would I use this LazUtils Package with just FPC?   Is there way to download it by itself? Or would I have to Install Lazarus somewhere, go find the unit and copy it in with all my FPC Units?
I was hoping to do this without doing something like that because then every time I install a new version of FPC, I would have to go back and copy the other units back in, which I probably wouldn’t remember to do right away, but later I would be wondering why I can't re-compile a program used to work that used the other units and then hopefully I would remember where they came from and how and where to copy them. 


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> but that seems to only work with Lazarus.

The unit is part of LazUtils package. It has no dependency on other packages but indeed can't be used as a standalone unit, you need other units from the same package but that's all.

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