[fpc-pascal] FPCJVM Android and libbass.so calling issue

Jonas Maebe jonas at freepascal.org
Wed Apr 17 20:19:25 CEST 2019

On 17/04/2019 20:11, Mgr. Janusz Chmiel wrote:
> I have decided to join my second question to this thread, because it is 
> also related to problem with libbass.so
> PPCJVM have problem to compile The following line of code from bass.pas 
> Delphi unit and also from newest bass.pas which is The part of bass zip 
> archive for Windows.
>    STREAMPROC_PUSH = Pointer(-1);   // push stream
> Is it possible to construct this short code so it will have The same 
> purpose and will be compatible with JVMAndroid compilation mode?

Calling native code from Java needs to happen through JNI (Java Native 
Interface). I have no experience with it, but it will never be possible 
to just take an existing Pascal interface to a library and compile that 
for the JVM target. Even if it would compile, the result could never work.

Additionally, JLSystem.loadLibrary expects the library name without the 
'.so' extension.


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