[fpc-pascal] Public key algo pascal only

José Mejuto joshyfun at gmail.com
Mon Apr 8 14:46:02 CEST 2019

El 08/04/2019 a las 11:49, Santiago A. escribió:

> There is no simple solution for a complex problem.
> RSA implies a lot of backend: several symmetric ciphers (AES, 
> Blowfish..., that are complex by their own. You don't want to use Caesar 
> cypher), acceptable random generator, big integer arithmetic,  prime 
> numbers,  several hash algorithms.
> And the library is leaving aside all PKI stuff: certificates, 
> authorities  etc. And forget about memory protection etc
> I think it is a minimal RSA lib. In fact, maybe it's too simple. As far 
> as I've seen it only has MD5 and SHA1 hash algorithms, many environments 
> require at least sha256. But if it is only for internal use (you are in 
> charge of both ends of communication) and not for critical top secret, 
> it could be enough. I don't think you will find anything much more simpler.


For serious stuff complex libraries are needed, I know, but in this case 
a simple algo like a XOR (if it was a public/private key one) would be 
enough. The only requirement is that the "client" can not generate 
easily commands so the generation key must not be compiled in the code. 
It is not a security algo, it's more like make it difficult and nothing 
more, no real security is broken if the choose code is broken.


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